Sunday, February 27, 2011

Women's Boerne Ranch Ride

Ladies, I am really excited and ready to get to Boerne to ride in "Equestrian Fantasy Land." Thank you for the internet detour to get more information. Now I can post as much as I want.

Please go google maps. This is a map to the nursery next door, but the driveway beside the nursery with the rock pillars and automated gate is the entrance to the ranch. When we get there, Kyla and I will tie balloons to the entrance.

You may spend a lot of time out camping with your horses, but here is what I have found necessary:
Water and feed bins for your horses
Double the necessary feed
Horse gear (saddles, tack, etc)

Fire starter logs (HEB Jumbo logs work best)
Toilet paper and paper towel (one roll each)
Paper plates, cups, plastic utensils
Trash bags and zip lock bags

Blankets, bedding, air mattress, sleeping bags, etc
Towels and washrags
Warm weather/cold weather clothing
Long sleeve shirts for protection from the sun and brush
Warm weather/cold weather night clothes
House shoes
Sun screen, aloe, allergy and pain meds, first aid kit

Breakfast and lunch to go

I wanted to talk with everyone today about meals and transportation, but I didn't get to visit with many of you. I wanted to see if everyone has a ride and if anyone has room for a 4-wheeler, or can take their 4-wheeler.

Also, we are not planning on taking supper food with us from Bremond, but if you want to cook something special, feel free to take it or you can buy it there. We are 5 miles from HEB and Wal-Mart.